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Baby Boy, Mill Creek Newborn photography session.

I met this sweet family during mama’s maternity session. I just KNEW that big sister was going to be super amazing with her baby brother, because she was so sweet with mamas belly.

Big sister was such a sweatheart with her baby brother, and she did such an amazing job the entire session. Baby boy has the most amazing head of hair, and spent the first part of the session awake, alert, and calm. It was a super fun session, and we were able to fly through so many different set ups!

Mom and dad (and big sister) are so clearly smitten with their newest family member, and I am so honored to be able to document these first few memories for them.

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2017-05-13_0001Many months ago, I had a wild idea to do a styled “Midsummer Night’s Dream” photo session with my kids. It was the dead of winter, which meant I had MONTHS to collect strange ideas.

In the months to follow, I made a Moss Chair HERE Ordered three pairs of elf ears, bought a wooden flute, and rounded up a pair of goat paints, and had a dress custom made by JH Gowns. You know, typical day in the life.

My friend Tami, of Lorene Photography brought over her girls and crafted up some gorgeous dresses and crowns for the ladies. The kids had a blast playing in the field, and I couldn’t stop giggling over all their adorable antics. Rex (our little Puck) ended up eating a dandelion..which is fitting.

Shot at golden hour in the field just outside my house in Mill Creek, I just love how this session turned out. My original inspiration came from an illustration THIS ONE and I think rex captured Puck’s spirit!

I’m already trying to come up with my next styled session idea! I just love getting creative, and creating magic with my kiddos.

June Bug Photography is a newborn photography, maternity photographer, cake smash photographer, and family photographer in Mill Creek, WA.

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I am so super excited to now offer optional hair and make-up for mamas and mamas-to-be! Carolina (my hair and make-up gal) is so sweet, and does such an amazing job.

Carolina will meet you (and I) in the studio about an hour before your session, and she will get you camera ready! She’ll create a beautiful look, based on your preferences and make you look flawless (lashes included!). So easy, fun, and it gives us a chance to get to know eachother a bit before you have to get in front of the camera.

I asked my dear friend Liz to be my model to iron out all the details of hair/make-up in studio. She showed up with no makeup, and hair undone. Carolina made her look glam for her maternity session! Liz is about 38 weeks, and look absolutely stunning. Honestly, Liz isn’t a girly girl, and would have been gorgeous without getting fancied up, but it was so much fun to play dress-up (at least it was fun for Liz and I, her husband Cory might not have had the most fun).

We went to Northcreek Park for photos, which is my absolute favorite spot for outdoor sessions! I just love the gorgeous green wetlands, the wooden boardwalk through the bogs, and the beautiful trees. Its Pacific Northwest Perfection..and even better? Its a 5 minute drive from my studio.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Carolina, and I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous mamas she makes over!

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I just adore milestone sessions! I offer mini sessions for babies age 3 months -12 months, and they are the PERFECT way to capture those adorable milestones. Milestone baby mini sessions are offered once a month, and include 5 digital images (via digital download). Mini sessions are 20 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time for baby’s short attention span.

Some ideas for your next milestone mini session:
-Baby’s first smiles
-Baby lifting head/tummy time
-Baby is sitting unassisted
-Nursing photos
-Baby standing
-Baby crawling
-Baby eating solid foods (bring in baby’s favorite food, lets play!)
-Baby walking!

Book your mini session with June Bug photography and cature those fleeting moments!


Those of you who have visited the studio already know this…but I have a bit of a prop addiction. Taxes this year were a bit of a shock, as I totaled up how much I actually spent on props & backdrops throughout the year. I definitely love to find unique, beautiful items to have in studio for clients to use.

I typically stick to solid, neutral backgrounds, as that is totally my style…but I recently ventured a bit out of my normal comfort zone and purchased a few printed backdrops. I am totally loving the versatility of being able to clip a backdrop up to my wall and change the look of the set up completely! I have a small collection of printed backdrops, and I figured I should show off what I have so clients can take a look ahead of time and let me know if there is a special drop they would like to use for their session.

I photographed several of my favorites, including a beautiful peachy floral backdrop that looks gorgeous with our white barn wood floors. The floors are real wood, and the backdrop is just clipped to my wall. I love that the fabric pulls nice and tight and looks so seamless! This is the perfect size for newborns photography sessions, as well as milestone and sitter sessions (This little lady is 6 months old, and looks just gorgeous, doesn’t she?!) I, of course, have coordinating outfits and props for each of my backdrops.

The next backdrop is so bold, girly and gorgeous! Loving those black and white stripes, and the florals add the perfect touch. I think this would be amazing for a cake smash set up!

My headboard is super classic, and neutral. I can easily pull up the futon, and create a soft, bright, cozy bed set-up. This backdrop is amazing for maternity mamas, newborns, babies…its a little small for families.

I have two different versions of this solid/painted backdrop. This one is a warm gray/brown, and I just love how well it goes with all my woodland props, hats, and more. I literally have a basket full of JUST animal hats. I have a problem. The other is a bit cooler, and would be perfect for a newborn overhead image, or for a nice solid backdrop with the white barn wood floors.

I am so excited to start putting these backdrops to use! Let me know if you see something you LOVE and we will be sure to use it for your next session!

June Bug Photography specializes in newborn photography, baby photography, maternity photography, and family photography. We have a gorgeous studio in the heart of Mill Creek, Wa. Serving Snohomish County, Bothell, Everett, Edmonds, Monroe, Mill Creek, and the greater Seattle Area.

Sometimes I get hairbrained ideas. Then I make messes. Sometimes, my ideas work. Usually they don’t. Meet my moss chair.

This one worked. And I love it. I plan to head out this week to photograph my own kiddos on the the woods. If we’re being totally honest, I plan to dress my 6 year old son up as Puck (Midsummer Nights Dream)…told you I had weird ideas.

Anyway, I’ll show you how I made mine, just in case you want to make a moss chair of your own! I did use these for my spring mini sessions this year..and the moss was MESSY in studio. I had a vaccum handy, and it all worked out..but, fair warning.

Chair. Don’t worry about the color/condition of the fabric. Find a chair with a SHAPE you like, and legs you like (unless you want to cover those too). I found mine on craigslist for $10 because a cat had scratched up the fabric.

Moss. I bought preserved moss from amazon (I used one of these boxes and filled in any space with moss I collected myself). MOSS

Adhesive/Glue. I used locktite construction adhesive. You chould use LOTS of hot glue, or another brand. (here’s a link to the brand I used…but I bought mine for much cheaper at a hardware store ADHESIVE

Paint/Fabric Medium. If your chair is red (like mine), you might want to paint it green first. I didn’t want red peeking through the moss. I mixed come cheap green acrylic paint with some fabric medium. Worked like a charm.

All said and done, I spent about $90 (and 2 hours of my life) to make this little guy.

To start, I pulled off the seat cushion, painted the entire chair (and cushion) with green paint mixed with a fabric medium. I didn’t want the chair to be too stiff…although I don’t know if it would have mattered after layering on so much glue and moss.

After the paint had dried, I used a caulking gun to apply/smear adhesive on the chair. I worked in small sections and layed out chunks of moss that I planned on sticking to the char. This was fun, and didn’t take as long as you might think. The moss can be easily torn and or smooshed to fit into the spaces you need. I pushed the moss into the adhesive, and moved to the next area.


I worked around the chair, in small sections until the chair was covered. I left the space where the cushion goes empty, and covered only the TOP and front of the cushion. I could have just tossed the cushion and covered the entire chair…but I wanted the height of the cushion.

Any small gaps, holes, etc. I filled in with small bits of moss. I ended up going outside a collecting a bit more moss to add some variety to the color of the chair. I didn’t preserve the moss I found…so it may end up turning brown..but for now it looks great.

I’ll post photos of my chair in the woods if the rain ever stops, and I get a chance to photograph my kiddos this week!


This family is so sweet! Big sister was so excited to hold her new baby sister, and had practiced a few different poses the day before their session. She hung out in the studio while I posed her baby sister, and was so patient waiting for her turn to hold her!

Mom and dad requested a birth stat image to use for their birth announcements. I just love this set-up, it so simple and sweet. The photo is a great way to present new baby to friends and family, and it reveals birth weight, height / length, time of birth, and birth date.

Welcome to the world, tiny one!

This little lady has SO MUCH HAIR!! At just 2 weeks old, she is simply perfection.

Mom and dad are so clearly in love with their newest family member, and I had so much fun hanging out with them during their session. I am loving this adorable bunny hat (by That’s the Cutest Thing), and it is definitely getting a lot of use as we approach Easter. How cute is she in her little bunny set up?!

Book your newborn session today with June Bug Photography! I specialize in newborn photography, baby photography, cake smash session, as well as family photography. I have a gorgeous natural light studio in the heart of Mill Creek, WA.

I had such an absolute blast meeting this beautiful family last week! Buddha the Pug is a pretty big deal, (check him out on instagram!) and he was so sweet during his baby sister’s newborn session.

Sweet girl totally rocked her session, and Buddha made a few cameos too! I just love how cozy the two of them look together! Mom, Dad, and Buddha have travelled the world together, and the newest addition to their family will certainly make their adventures even more amazing!

I had fun talking photography gear with dad while baby nursed. He’s a photography teacher, and I loved hearing a bit about their program, and that the kids are getting their hands on some pretty awesome gear!

It’s that time of year again. Time to break out the elf for my annual naughty elf on the shelf photoshoot..and then hide him away so my kids never know we have one. Yup. That’s right. Worst mom ever.

Stranger things is pretty much the best show ever, so I decided to pay a tribute to the show with this year’s Elf on The Shelf photoshoot. Check out Joyce’s green jacket. GAH! AND THE ASHTRAY?!

june bug photography mill creek photography

Also, RUN!


Melissa Jenkins of June Bug Photography specializes in newborn photography, baby photography, maternity photography, family photography..and elf on the shelf photography. We have a gorgeous studio in Mill Creek, and serve the greater Seattle Area including Mill Creek, Seattle, Everett, Monroe, Bothell, Edmonds, Snohomish, Snohomish County, King County.