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This little lady is homeschooled, and comes to me each year for an updated school photo. I have a special place in my heart for homeschooling families, as I worked for many years at a Homeschool Resource Center.

She is simply the sweetest, and has the BEST IDEAS. She spotted my unicorn headband as soon as she walked in the door, and I promised her that she would get a chance to wear it. We got through the “traditional” poses, and then she totally rocked the unicorn headband. Like, ROCKED IT.

I couldn’t let the session end without getting little brother in front of the camera, and the two of them are just the sweetest together. I love working with such happy, loving, fun families. Love it!


Melissa Jenkins, photographer behind the biz June Bug Photography specializes in family photography, newborn photography, baby photography, maternity photography, and cake smash photos. June Bug Photography is located in Mill Creek, in an amazingly gorgeous natural light studio.

Mom and dad are already so clearly in love with baby E. I cannot wait to meet him, because he has the most amazingly sweet parents EVER! I had so much fun getting to know them during their materinty session in Edmonds, and I am so excited that I get to see them every few months for their milestone & newborn sessions.

Mama is simply stunning, and has the most amazing hair! We met in Edmonds, as it hold a special place in their hearts.

This sweet little one is already so very loved. She came into the world a little early, so we waited to do her newborn sessions until she had plumped up a bit! :) Still tiny at 5 weeks, she is simply perfection.

I had a bit of a hairbrained idea for this little sweetheart, and I’m so glad the final image turned out adorable! I had been antique shopping in downtown Snohomish and found the most realistic looking giant fake leaves. As a newborn photographer, shopping is always fun! I am constantly asking myself “Can I put a baby in that?!”, and I imagined a newborn snuggled up like a little cabbage in a cabbage patch. Isn’t she the most adorable little cabbage? Mom and Dad are avid gardeners, so its just perfect for their family! What’s the French phrase? Mon Petit Chou? (My little cabbage).

June bug photography specializes in newborn photography in Mill Creek, WA. We have a gorgeous natural light studio in the heart of Mill Creek, and provide EVERYTHING (except baby, of course) for a customized, beautiful, and timeless newborn session for your little one.

These gorgeous girls were so much fun to work with! I don’t get twins in the studio very frequently, so I always get excited when I get the chance to photograph them! These two ladies were both so sweet, but had wildly different personalities. One wanted to be awake most of the time, while the other was sleepy and content. So much fun!

Mom and Dad look AMAZING, despite getting very little sleep this last month! The girls are one month old, and just gorgeous.

I made a quick video of my prep for this sesison HERE (

And guess what?! We were able to get through EVERY SINGLE SET UP I had planned! I got to work with my amazing assistant (and great friend…and neighbor!) and I am loving having her in the studio to lend an extra set of hands. I love that mom and dad were able to just sit back and relax, while we did everything!!

This adorable little man is on the move!! I had such a blast meeting him, and mom and dad. He destroyed the cake right away, but took a few minutes to actually eat any of it.

I love finishing up cake smashes with a bubble bath, although Emerson wasn’t thrilled about the idea…until the rubber duckies. Rubber duckies make everything better!

Cakes smashes are such a fun way to celebrate such a huge milestone!! Cake smash sessions are fun for the entire family, and the best part? I do all the clean up!

Melissa Jenkins of June Bug Photography specializes in newborn photography, baby photography, cake smash photography, maternity photography and family photography. Our gorgeous studio is located in the heart of Mill Creek.

I had fair warning that this little princess was a light sleeper. I planned lots of set ups where she could be wrapped and snuggly, which Dad said she LOVED. Luckily, we were able to get her to sleep toward the end of the session and I got some adorable sleepy time photos too. This is seriously the best of both worlds, because she was so content while awake and has the most stunning eyes! She watched my every move, and was so curious about everything I was doing. I was able to convince mom and dad to pop in for a few photos too, and they are just so adorable as a family of three!!

June Bug Photography studio is located in Mill Creek, WA. Mill creek newborn photographer Melissa Jenkins specilizes in newborn photography, cake smash sessions, maternity photography, and family photography.

This handsome little dude was so fun to photograph. He definitely kept me on my toes…and made me practice my stealthy pacifier stealing moves.

Mom and dad are so clearly smitten with their little man, and it is easy to see why. He is a total snuggle bug! Dad brought in this adorable basketball, which was the PERFECT size for him to lean on (don’t worry, the image is a composite of two separate images, and my hand was on him the entire time…ah, the power of photoshop!) The basketball was so perfect, of course I had to buy one for the studio. I have a problem.

June Bug Photography specializes in newborn photography, baby photography, cake smash photography and family photography. Our studio is located in Mill Creek, WA and is simply stunning!

This little snuggle bug REALLY loved to be swaddled. She has the most gorgeous hair, and is simply stunning! Despite wanting to be snuggled, she let me get some adorable non-swaddled poses…it just took a bit of trickery. My sloth-like movements lulled her into submission!

June bug photography is located in Mill Creek, WA. Mill creek newborn photographer Melissa Jenkins specializes in newborn photography, baby photography, milestone sessions, cake smashes, maternity photography and family photography. We have a studio in the heart of Mill Creek, filled with some many gorgeous wraps, hats, props and more.

My new favorite prop has arrived, and I am so in love with it! This adorable white claw foot tub is perfectly sized for little ones, and everyone loves a bubblebath! We bring out the bubbles, and have a blast! This little man just turned one, and is just the cutest.

I love the white bath on my white barnwood, with a white backdrop. It speaks to my neutral loving heart, for sure!! Our giant windows in studio make this set up simply perfection. I’m thinking I should blow up a giant canvas from this session for the studio bathroom. How adorable would that be? Want to schedule a bathtime session? Do it! It is seriously so much fun!!

Melissa Jenkins of June Bug Photography is a photographer in Snohomish County, specializing in newborn photos, family photography, baby photography, cake smash photography, and maternity photography. We have a gorgeous natural light studio in the heart of Mill Creek stocked full of everything needed for an amazingly fun session (except your family of course!)